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The Cover Story Perth offer a range of products suitable for health care. How does a reflux bed wedge improve your sleep?

Sufferers of heart burn or acid reflux benefit greatly with the bed wedge. It is designed to elevate the upper body, therefore reducing the risk of stomach contents from coming back up in the throat.

The reflux bed wedge is designed with a gradual elevation and is available in standard bed widths. However we are able to custom make to specific sizes too.

Where can I buy a reflux bed wedge? We have them available to buy online from our shop here, whats more we can have these delivered to your door with our delivery service giving you absolute convenience.

Does the reflux bed wedge have a cover? Yes we offer the choice with or without a cover which comes with a zip, making it easily removable for cleaning.

The Cover Story also offer a range of foam products. Our extensive range of foam products are available for all aspects of bedding and furniture.

Any questions about our products? Contact our friendly support staff who are only too happy to assist.

We can be contacted at: info@thecoverstory.com.au or alternatively feel free to call us at 1300 781 007

Reflux Bed Wedge by The Cover Story